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How to Train Your New Recruits

Have you been struggling to create dynamic and engaging training content for your new reps? You are not alone. Many business owners are trying to find ways to prepare their new recruits for their first sale. Have you ever thought about creating your own video training library?

Video-based training is not new, but many small businesses are still unaware of its many advantages.

Recent studies have proven that retention rates are much higher when using video-based learning. Let’s break down the main six benefits of investing in your own video training library.

Enhances Retention

One of the most popular reasons why businesses, especially corporations, use video training is because trainees retain a higher amount of information compared to text-based training. Video stimulates our visual and auditory senses which facilitates better recall. This encourages better strategic planning at a faster rate.

From studies done by Thermopylae, a research group, it has been further proven that the human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. We can use this skill to enhance our data processing and organizational effectiveness.

Quite literally, people generally learn better visually. When preparing your team for their first or next sale, it is important to remember that. Video further provides contextualized examples in a digestible and accessible format.


Building off of retention, another reason why video-based learning has grown in popularity is due to its accessibility to all age groups.

Many business teams are filled with diverse members. When incorporating video training, it allows you to illustrate real-work scenarios. Having common situations acted out on video allows team members to have concrete examples to build and learn from.

Regardless of their generation and background, having your own personalized training library can bridge–not only memory gaps, but–cultural work gaps as well!

Enables Microlearning

Okay, what is microlearning?

It is a technology-based learning approach that delivers information through short bursts of content. In this scenario, “short bursts” are in comparison to training manuals or long in-person training sessions.

Video allows you to share more information in a shorter time span. As we discussed in our earlier points, with higher retention rates and accessibility, there’s more freedom and clarity with video than other training formats.

When team members have access to these training videos, they are able to have more moments of pause and reflection. Allowing them the time to digest what they’ve only just learned. When creating a video library with our team, you are able to keep your training library. This encourages continual training access for your team through current and archivable content.

Highlight Your Company’s Specialties

Businesses are unique, and what they each have to offer is worth recognizing. A perfect way to reveal this to your new (or current) team members is through their training. One of the insurmountable values of having your own training library is creating your own content.

Is there a certain selling method that separates your business from its competition?

Are there common mistakes you want to spotlight so your new reps don’t repeat them?

Is there a certain idea you want your future team members to internalize when out on sales?

Regardless of what it may be, having the chance to create and curate your own training content brings flexibility and specificity. There’s a way to further develop your onboarding process that guarantees your new reps are filled with higher levels of confidence.

They will quickly grow familiar with what to expect and how to navigate. This fosters leadership development at a faster rate due to increased confidence early on.

Engagement Enhancer

New reps will have more to engage with when given a realistic view of their field work. Granting the chance to ask much needed questions before their first knock.

Many recruits get through the training process, but still struggle to apply it on the field. This typically happens because of unchecked assumptions, unanswered questions, or simple misunderstanding.

Video-based training inspires better questions because trainees have a specific scenario to build from. Their lack of experience becomes more pronounced as the videos challenge possible assumptions, questions, or misinformation.

Your new (or current) recruits will have an easier time understanding their training. This leads to better, specific, and relevant questions; as well as, brainstorming that can further improve their personal sales pitch and improve strategic planning.

Getting Started

Creating this content on your own is neither easy nor quick; however, with Pathfinder Production, it becomes much quicker and easier. Best of all, it’s cost and time efficient.

Our decade in production has sharpened our expertise, and getting a video production company by your side will help you grow. Our high-quality content will showcase your vision clearly, concisely, and accurately.

We would only need you for 1-2 days of filming, and we will take care of the rest. Plus, you would keep the finished product forever.

Creating your own video training library, one to keep forever, is a cost-efficient investment that has high returns. To learn more, schedule a call with us!


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