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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

Every business owner has a different morning routine. Some wake up early, workout, eat breakfast, and then get hyper focused on work for the rest of the day; others wake up a bit later, get straight to work, then intermittently take breaks throughout their day. No matter what type of business owner you may be, you know that time management is everything.

How a business owner starts their day is their first step towards success, and time is always of the essence. How it’s spent can make or break an owner and their business. Many business owners struggle with burn out, stress, anxiety, and even depression due to the time and energy required to run a business.

Many owners make the mistake of thinking they must do all the work on their own, which only leads to half-met goals. There are ways for business owners to avoid burnout, but many are still unaware of them.

Social media is notorious for being one of the very first things business owners divest their time from entirely. Social media requires consistency, effort, and creativity on a daily basis. When your product or services are in solar, for example, you may not have time or experience to build the online presence your company deserves.

Unfortunately, those owners are losing thousands of dollars, market share value, and potential customers every day by limiting their scope of business.

Here are four reasons why a strong online presence on social media increases business profitability.

Builds Brand Loyalty

We all have accounts that we keep up to date with everyday or every other day. Whether tight-knit or distant, parasocial relationships have begun to take up more space in our lives. We are seeing old and new faces every single day, knowing every little detail about their lives, without ever once seeing them in real life.

But first, what is a parasocial relationship?

Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships where a person develops a deep emotional connection to a persona, or person who does not know they exist. This typically causes the person to invest an extensive amount of time staying up to date with this persona or person’s daily activities. This is most commonly seen with celebrities and sports organizations.

Technology—most specifically, social media—has caused this psychological phenomena to grow into a common type of relationship nearly everyone possesses.

But how do you use parasocial relationships to increase your business profits and revenue? By building a relationship with your audience on social media!

Through persistent posting, comment and message engagements, likes, shares, and stories there are methods to building and maintaining connections on social media. There are tried and true formulas, daily platform and consumer behavioral updates, and untapped markets to discover.

Spotlighting your business on social media builds consumer loyalty as they grow a connection with your brand and what it represents. Customers will begin to exclusively shop your brand, decreasing costs on marketing efforts due to increased retention rates, and boost overall sales due to growing credibility.

Loyal customers will grow alongside your business. They will show their support through daily online engagements and consistent purchases. But those methods can take years to learn. That’s why business owners need production companies and social media agencies now more than ever. Social media marketing has become a necessity more than business luxury.

Increase Brand Awareness

Every day there are new and old businesses competing for the attention of our global population. This world is huge. Most people don’t know about your business, and it’s time to change that. Social media is a direct way to reach people all across your town, city, region, state, country, and planet. Social media is also the best way to promote your products and services.

There are billions of people online, and many of them would benefit from your brand; however, people are skeptical. There are scams, con-artists, and bots everywhere these days.

Having professional, high-quality, and consistent content online is a must. Without it, many people are less likely to try out your product or service because they’ll lack trust in your brand.

Social media is a perfect way to continuously update the market on how you're evolving your business. From advertising new products, services, events, and deals there’s more flexibility when promoting your business. The more time you’re visible online, the more trust you build. And trust builds loyalty.

However, understanding how to expand your reach and brand awareness is an expertise that comes with time and effort. Time and effort many business owners are needing to put elsewhere.

This is why many owners are now working with social media agencies instead. We know how to maximize the benefits of each platform through strategic engagement.

At Pathfinder Productions, we have helped increase the follower counts and engagement rates of our clients.

A perfect example is when we helped our client, Barry’s Downtown Steaks & Cocktails, Instagram account grow from 1,000 to 13,000 followers. New followers and customers regularly ordered directly from Barry’s social media pages.

Many customers posted their own photos from their time at the restaurant generating more publicity, brand exposure, and boosts in customer retention rates.

Our crew members at Pathfinder have mastered the needed skills, equipment, and expertise essential to maximizing a business’s ROI.

Establish a Leading Voice in Your Industry

A great way to take advantage of social media and its marketing potential is through content production. We already talked about the increased value, reach, and credibility in professional looking content. Skeptical and cynical consumers are watching even when they are not buying. So let’s elaborate on the market gains and revenue growth facilitated by establishing a credible voice in your industry.

Steven Cohen and Mikey Lucas are two solar clients we work with here at Pathfinder Productions. They both started in door to door sales and have grown into respected leaders within the solar industry. They hold speeches throughout the country and have garnered a reputable amount of success.

It started with consistent online posting and engagement, then gradually evolved into building relationships with other businesses and industry professionals online. The audience grew and with that consistent growth came credibility. Other businesses and professionals began reaching out to collaborate.

Their growing audience really connected and listened to them. This increased the demand for their presence and turned into opportunities to hold talks across the U.S.

Our content was clear, well-edited, and included top-quality information about sales, personal development, and growth within the solar industry. The content was shared throughout the internet and had an expansive and extensive reach.

We provided them with top-notch videography and consistent social media management. Our results spoke for itself. When consumers in the untapped market continue to see you grow, and your content maintain its professional quality, they’ll soon become your most loyal customers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Traditional media, such as TV and print media, are still more expensive compared to social media. Traditional media can range from thousands to millions of dollars, whereas social media services are exponentially lower.

Social media offers higher brand accessibility and brand visibility at a much lower price. Its flexibility allows you to underscore the many facets of your products and services. Without losing control over your narrative, advertising, and engagement.

As previously mentioned, the time and effort needed to focus on establishing your social media presence isn’t available to most business owners. It isn’t realistic for many business owners to acquire the necessary equipment and experience to produce high-quality content.

This is why the demand for social media agencies have grown tremendously. Compared to traditional print and television media, for a substantially lower price you get access to the best equipment, experienced crew, and post-production edits.

Here at Pathfinder Productions, we offer these social media services and production services; from filming your content to managing your social media platforms. We have worked with many different clients throughout the decade and sharpened our expertise by working in every major industry.

We help our clients grow and maintain their online presence, and we work with them to brainstorm the best ways to take their business to the next level.

We are the members of their team that ensures they can stay focused on their unique morning routines and ever growing profits.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, growing your social media presence, and creating high-quality content visit our website today or schedule a call with us today!

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