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Prepare Your Reps Now, The Future of Solar is Here.

There is a new shift in electricity. Climate change is a huge concern, and there is a great demand for zero-carbon sources and other alternatives to fossil fuels. The United States could be on track to fulfill these demands as early as 2025.

Solar energy is at the forefront of this shift. Despite solar energy having the lowest utilization rate compared to competing energy sources, New England, a region with relatively less sunlight, saw a huge change in their electrical grids. They were able to utilize enough of the solar energy stored to reduce their need for fossil fuels. Leaving the region eager to invest more into solar, and it’s not only there. All throughout the U.S., people are making the shift[1].

Where You Fit In

This is a perfect time to gather, train, and prepare sales recruits in the solar industry. Utility and small scale solar use is expected to combine with, onshore and offshore, wind sources to generate 40% of the nation’s electricity by 2030. There is a positive and promising projection for zero-carbon energy.

The ability to scale a solar company is directly affected by the ability to train new recruits and get them to their first sale. Seeing how soon solar is set to take over the nation, now’s a perfect time to act.

How To Prepare

Training new recruits is an essential process that can be time consuming and hard to repeatedly schedule. That is why there has been a larger demand for video training libraries, especially within this industry. It offers a consistent opportunity to train new recruits and ensure they begin selling as soon as possible.

Plus, with the opportunity to create your own content, companies can be certain that the training videos are highlighting the best sale methods and techniques. This can help instill confidence and proper guidelines for new recruits for their very first sale and beyond.

Where We Come In

At Pathfinder Productions, we offer our services to help solar companies create their own video training library. We simply ask for a few days of filming, and we take care of the rest. Unlike most of our competitors, once we are finished with post-production, we give you the finished product to keep forever.

It can increase company value when there is a storage of content—especially training content—for any future buyouts or value assessment purposes.

Our ten years in production has exposed us to many different industries. This exposure has helped us grow our expertise, gain a dynamic vision, and diversify our production skills. We are determined to help our clients meet their goals and expand their businesses.

Our work speaks for itself, and the ever-changing shift towards solar energy has us inspired to participate. Check out our work, and schedule a call with us to learn more about creating your own video training library today! You won't be disappointed.

[1] Maxx Chatsko; The Streeter; Forget Ethereum and Bitcoin, Renewable Energy is Near a Flippening


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