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Yes, You Should Hire a Production Company Instead. Here's Why.

Many people underestimate the time, money, and knowledge needed to create high-quality and engaging content. Technology, social media, and marketing trends change often. Learning how to successfully operate essential and beneficial equipment can take years. It can be nearly impossible for many business owners to focus on running their businesses while being highly attentive to the content they produce.

That’s why many businesses have been and continue to work with production companies. There is an understandable hesitancy with those unfamiliar with production companies, as it may seem like an unnecessary cost; however, production companies exist solely to create, craft, and perfect content.

Most production companies have spent years working within different brands and industries, so their repertoire is quite solid. They have done the research and training to understand their targeted markets and ensure their content is relevant. Most importantly, they are experts with the equipment. An expertise that does not come quick or easy.

So, if you’ve been thinking about producing content—whether by yourself or with a production company—keep reading below and see why we recommend working with a production company.

The Importance of Professional Looking Content

Creating professional looking content is a must when running a business. It adds to your credibility and creates a sense of security for consumers. DIY productions can seem like a cheaper option, at first; however, when weighed against the long term cost of your time and slower growth, it can become a burden on your to-do list.

One of the tried and true ways of consistently building your platform is having content that is crisp, concise, and succinct in its messaging. These messages must be relayed to your audience on a scheduled basis. Social media platforms are run by algorithms that focus on consistency—not over saturation—and keywords. The continual amount of research needed to stay on top of these social media platforms, how they're run, and how consumers continue to engage with them is an important key to creating pertinent content for your business.

Time Management

When you factor in the actual time needed to run your business, it becomes abundantly clear how production companies found their own niche market in the first place. It can take the same amount of time to make content as it does to produce your products and services, especially when factoring in the entire production process.

Post-production is typically omitted in the DIY conversations. Too many people focus on the filming and are quick to forget the work that must be done after. Editing requires attentiveness, acquired skill, and—yes, you guessed it—time. Many people may not even realize that most of the content creation process is editing.

The Post-Production Process

The editing process is where your tone, message, purpose, and personality is generally delivered. The perfect examples are YouTube videos. If you are familiar with the different niches on YouTube, you’ll be quick to notice how editing can be used to create comedic or dramatic commentary. How the camera zooms in on someone’s face can convey a funny thought, without a word being said.

The copious amount of content we are exposed to every day can cause many of us to take for granted the artistry and work put into these videos. It’s important not to underestimate the behind the scenes process. These YouTubers, for example, spend a lot of their time editing. It can take some of the best content creators 10-16 hours to edit their work. Once they’ve grown past a certain point of success, they begin outsourcing because they need more time to focus on growing their brand or business.

Knowing How & When to Post Your Content

Now, moving away from the YouTube example, for most regular business owners they actually need more content than you would expect.

Let’s look at Instagram. They have said themselves that posting roughly 5 days a week is the best way to stay relevant on their algorithm, and their increasing investment in their Reels feature is the widest and strongest form of exposure on the platform. Reels may be short form content, but that creates a ceaseless competition with all the other videos being pushed through their algorithm every single day.

Staying on top of these ever-changing and growing platforms is imperative for understanding how these platforms operate, and how to create content that aligns with their interface.

This is not something you have to do alone. This is the literal work of production companies. They are here to help owners get their businesses out to the public in a recognizable, trustworthy, and enjoyable manner. There are many other reasons why people continue to choose them over DIY; however, time management, expertise, and professional-looking content always trends the highest and for good reason.

Our Expertise Consistently Produces Results

Here at Pathfinder Productions, we have helped our clients grow their following, increase their engagements, and expand their reach. From our work with Public Speaker and Solar Expert, Steven Cohen, we have helped him grow his Instagram follower count from 7,000 to 100,000. Through this growth and heightened exposure, he has received opportunities to speak on stage and landed a segment on Channel 13 as a solar expert.

We have also worked with Mikey Lucas, an entrepreneur, speaker, and teacher of door to door salesmanship. The key services we provided him were content creation and branding. Through our services we were able to help him maintain consistency in producing high quality content. This content made him standout as a leader in his industry by highlighting and showcasing his selling skills. He went on to build an audience who were ready to support his book upon publishing. He went on to launch masterminds and his coaching services. He currently travels to give talks on his now well-known sales strategies.

We believe in our client’s visions, and we use our tools and expertise to help these visions come to fruition. We understand the work that we do, and we understand why. Entrepreneurs have their hands full, and there’s only 24 hours in a day. Hiring a production team is a great way to maximize those hours. For you to focus on what you do best, while we handle what we do best: creating content that strongly reflects you and your work.

Our ten years of working within a myriad of different industries have solidified our own repertoire. So, let’s see what we can do for you, schedule a call with us today.

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