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Feelingood (Official Video) - Oscar Cardona

Feelingood (Official Video) - Oscar Cardona

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Who is Oscar

Oscar Cardona is a self-taught musician based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He first discovered his love for music in 2011, and has been growing his talent since. His desire to keep expanding on his musical skills has led him to a point where he now produces each song from top to bottom. From beat production, to lyrics and vocals, to mixing and mastering, he carefully crafts each song himself and brings a truly unique flavor to all his music.


When he is not creating music, Oscar is constantly expanding his skills in photography, videography, and content creation. He owns a production company, Pathfinder Productions, which enables him to bring other’s visions to life using his camera. He perfectly blends these two passions together whether it is creating background music for his client’s videos, or creating and directing his own music videos.


His mission is to not only share his love for music with the world, but to be known as an icon that leads and inspires the world through positivity.