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EXCLUSIVE free masterclass for sales companies who train their own reps

Discover the Industry Secrets to The Top Growing Sales Companies 

In this Masterclass You'll Discover

How to catapult your social media presence and start attracting opportunities and monetizing your influence consistently - without spending a dime!

The simple ABCDE framework that we follow for all of our clients to grow their audience, maintain, and NURTURE their following

The method used to grow our client's account 1,500-20,000% in account reach in just 90 days so you can up level your impact and influence.

How to create online content that is consistent and grow your network organically, so you'll never have to wonder where your next client, recruit, or lead is coming from!

Presented by Oscar Cardona,
Founder & CEO at Pathfinder Productions

Oscar has been in video and content creation business for over 10 years. Along the way, he's learned what to do and not to do when it comes to growing a social media presence.

What Our Clients Say

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